Every girl deserves underwear that makes her feel like a supermodel.

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I’m getting excited…

State of Grace (Taylor Swift Cover) - Lauren Alex Hooper

This song became very important to me this week and singing it made me feel better in a pretty awful situation. It’s a beautiful song and I hope you like this acoustic version of it.

Cleared out my cupboard and discovered I might actually be a rainbow.

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We fall in love ‘till it hurts or bleeds or fades in time…

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The dream team playing in Brighton last night (Angele Veltmeijer, Alison Rayner, Dom Minns and Zoe Lewis).

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Singing with Zoe Lewis

So, last night, one of my dreams came true… in a very unconventional way.

Way back when in December, I played Never Too Old by Zoe Lewis at my Mum’s birthday party. I then recorded it and put it on Youtube, as I do, and Zoe saw it. And last night, I got to sing it live with her at her gig in Brighton.

For many reasons, some my fault and some not, I messed up the beginning but I recovered and really enjoyed the rest of the song. It was amazing. I had such a good time. I’ve always admired Zoe for her singing, her songwriting and her all round musicality so it really was a dream come true. 

I did have some hiccups throughout the evening, emotionally but it was a wonderful evening.

I can’t wait for next year…

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The last few days have been awesome in terms of my self confidence and body image. I’m loving it.

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My Switzerland trip in a nutshell.

Switzerland Tomorrow…

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OneRepublic at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night.

Mikky Ekko at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night.

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Teenage Cancer Trust: OneRepublic

So, a few nights ago, me and my best friend went to a gig put on by the Teenage Cancer Trust. OneRepublic was a main performer with Mikky Ekko as the support act. It was amazing. I’d never really heard any of Mikky Ekko but he has an amazing voice and OneRepublic was just fantastic. It was a great night and they played all my favourites, including Something I Need which is my absolute favourite. It was awesome and so worth going.

Okay, from this moment, I am going to have to end the 365 days of music challenge, since Tumblr’s copyright clearly think I’m claiming to be David Bowie and/or making money from a blog that currently has 27 followers. I’m very annoyed but it’s not the worth the aggravation of repeatedly getting those emails. Because it does upset me since everything negative upsets me at the moment. Maybe I’ll pick it up again somehow in the future but at the moment, I don’t know.

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I have just had an almost perfect evening. I went with my family for a swim  which was really nice since we never have the time. Then we came home and had chocolate fudge cake while listening to Heroes. It was lovely. I’m happy.

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