Another sunrise with my girl.

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Also, did anyone see the supermoon tonight? It was pretty awesome.

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I reached 15,000 views on YouTube today.

I know that for a lot of people, that’s not a big deal. But to me, it’s amazing. People took the time to listen to me singing 15,000 times and that is just so wonderful that I can’t even find the words to say thank you. I hope you all live wonderful lives. You make me happy.

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I’m resolutely ignoring the one result I could be picking up. I haven’t ended up needing the resits I did and I don’t want to go back to my school. I’m actually feeling okay with myself at the moment and I don’t want to change that.

Good luck to everyone getting A Level result!

Watching the sun come up between 4am and 5.30am.

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Ain’t nothing like a meteor shower

So we went out of the city a bit at about three this morning and found the spot we watched it all from last year. It was pretty cloudy and it drizzled a bit but there were patches of sky visible. In just under an hour, I saw two shooting stars, wrapped up in a blanket in the car. It was lovely. It felt like a little bit of an adventure but not a scary one.

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It was an oddly beautiful evening.

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I’m getting up in three hours to try and catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. Not sure if I’m thrilled or horrified.

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Someone’s excited to see me…

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Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) (Taylor Swift Cover) - Lauren Alex Hooper

I apologise for the freeze frame. It’s very unflattering. I also apologise for the ridiculous amount of time since the last video. I had exams, health problems and family issues to contend with. But here we go. This is my favourite TSwift love song and one of my favourite love songs so I hope you enjoy it.

I’m so sad to hear Willemijn Verkaik has had to cut short her performances in London. I was so looking forward to seeing her next month. Of course her health is the most important but I would’ve loved to see her play Elphaba one more time. Wishing her luck in whatever she does next.

On Wednesday night, during my choir show, I sang Brave by Sara Bareilles, solo with my guitar. I was so nervous since it was my biggest crowd so far with hundreds of people in the audience. But it was amazing. That’s what I live for. I sang it the best I ever have and I felt so connected to the song. It may have been the best moment of my life.

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Listening to my cat snore is one of the most relaxing sounds to fall asleep to.

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Here you go, Lauren! I’m sorry it looks so shitty, the glue hasn’t dried yet. 

My contribution to the Scrapbook for Sara…